Welcome to Oxford Public High School Rawalpindi

PARENTS TEACHERS MEETING(Juniors/Girls/Boys Block): Dear Parents! We feel pleasure to inform you that, we at Oxford Public High School, adhere to our traditions of maintaining a closer contact with the parents in order to keep them abreast of the periodical progress of th...

About Oxford Public High School

  • Background
  • Mission
  • Salient Features
  • Admissions
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Parents Teachers Meeting
  • Admission and annual charges criteria
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Trips for Excussion
  • Oxford Dramatic Society
  • Lectures Seminars & Workshops
  • Our Methodology
  • Frankness in academic atmosphere
  • Separate Classes
  • Oxford Library
  • Computer Labs
  • Science Labs
  • Disciplinary & General Rules
  • Background

    Active struggle for an allocated mission requires unending endurance. One has to tolerate multi ferrous addition, It says, “Only the wearer Knows, where the shoes pinches” Since how we had been struggling hard to see our dreams fulfilled, this too is a difficult question to ponder on.

    Our educational comprehensive circumlocate round these two woctch-word, PRACTICAL & PROFESSIONAL in specific, In sense proportional words, One has to stuck like a wall clock to hectice educational process. Two things are requisites for the attainment of mission-Chance coherence and chance exposure.

    It is a matter of time. The availability of resonsces proved a blessing in disguise The prove firmness of commitment OXFORD PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL is an ideological framework of educational dream. We have yet to display what we thought of and still to see the result of our transcendental scholars. we request every one for the honest Work. Creativity has no end-note. man’s best friends are his two eyes observing knowledge and the imagination to preserve it.

    Oxford Public High School (English Medium) was established in 2000. The school has been serving the cause of education with dedication without having any commercial interest registered with the department of Education Government of Punjab and affiliated with Board of Intermediate and secondary education Rawalpindi.

  • Mission

    1. We aim at the establishment of an effective, efficient, reflective and flexible institution where students surly learn relevant, quality-based, innovative programmes of high global demand.

    2. A Talent supportive learning environment conducive to staff and the taught.

    3. Provision of services, creating a balance between material gain, social obligations and quality education.

    4. To serve the cause of education in a selfless, devoted and national spirit.

    5. To produce true and spirited Pakistani young nation.

    6. To imbibe the children with the spirit of Islam.

    7. To develop the moral, intellectual and spiritual qualities of children.

  • Salient Features

    1. The school impart instruction from Class KG-1 to 10th

    2. Medium of instruction is generally English but Bilingual Methodology is adopted when necessary

    3. Audio visual Aids are used in the junior section.

    4. The syllabus and courses of reading are about the same as designed by the government of the Punjab.

  • Admissions

    1. Admission are made strictly on merit basis.

    2. To avoid crowding and congestion in class rooms the number of seats is restricted.

    3. Applications for admission should be made on prescribed form.

    4. Except KG-1 class, the students are given a test to determine their eligibility for admission to the class they have applied for.

    5. Students migrating from Urdu medium schools may also apply.

    6. Their admission is subject to their qualifying the test.

    7. The Principal reserves the right to reject any admission.

    8. The students are required to pay the dues immediately to confirm their admission delay in payment shall run the risk of losing their seats.

    9. The students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the school after their admission.


    • Admission is open to male / female students who fulfill the required terms and conditions.

    • Admission will be granted on qualifying written/oral test or both.

    • Admission is liable to be cancelled, if the student fails to pay his/her dues within the prescribed time. Similarly if a student fails to submit the required documents within the prescribed time his/her admission shall be canceled.

    • Students as per rules are promoted to the next class just after the completion of Board school Examination. In this connection, they are required to get themselves enrolled for the next class by depositing the school dues as prescribed by the school administration immediately after the exams.

  • Faculty and Staff

    Competent and dedicated faculty and staff is the back bone of a good school system. Oxford experiences scrupulous procedure in the hiring of academic staff. It is managed by administrators and experienced teachers. Only the candidates who are well educated, confident, adept in their discipline and pioneering are selected for the required vacancy. The school has innovative and educated team of teaching staff comprising both male and female members.

    Staff at each level (Montessori, Junior and senior) is selected according to requirements.

    Teachers are always a helping hand for students in all the areas of their growth and development.

    They prepare the students preparing them for kind of changes and challenges in their any future life.

  • Parents Teachers Meeting

    Result of each and every exam is handed over to the parents in a parent teacher meeting.

    In Parent teacher meeting, parents have full opportunity to meet with all the subject teachers of their child individually. It rally round them to know the academic condition of their child in each subject.

    Meeting is held after regular intervals for parent's acquaintance.

    Counselling of students is also adopted at frequent intervals to adopt a direct method of communication.

  • Admission and annual charges criteria

    A one-time admission fee (non-refundable) will be paid by all new registration and students in full at the time of admission.

    Annual charges and examination cages for the academic year will be paid once in a year.

    Prospects and student ID card charges shall be payable at the time of admission.

    Annual, examination charges and student ID card charges shall be charged annually.

    Registration fee, admission fee, annual charges and examination charges is non- refundable under any circumstances.


    Fee challan are issued latest by 26th of EACH MONTH prior to the billing and sent month home through students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire from their ward first and if not received then from school office for the fee challan.

    The tuition fee will be payable on monthly basis in advance for all classes for the complete academic session.

    Tuition fee for the month of JULY and AUGUST has to be paid in advance.

    For new admissions the tuition fee for the current month shall be charged if fee challan issued before or on 20th of any month of calendar.

    Tuition fee is for the whole year (April to March) is to be paid in full for all existing students.

    For students leaving in between the month, balance payment of tuition fee is not refundable.

    Non-payment or installments of dues may result in suspension of enrolment, refusal to BOARD'S admission and examinations.


    Tuition fee challan is normally issued with a "DUE DATE" of 10th of every month. After the expiry of "DUE DATE" the Fee challan will be deposited with the late fee fine, till the expiry of VALIDITY DATE" which is normally 20 days from the expiry of the "DUE DATE".

    The payment DUE DATE and the fee bill VALIDITY DATE is marked on the fee challan.

    If you have lost the fee challan, a duplicate fee challan can be taken from school head office by paying duplicate fee challan fee.

    NOTE: The late payment charges will not be waived nor reduced in any circumstances.

    Rs. 100/- will charged as late fee if fee is not submitted by "DUE DATE".

    Rs. 20/- will be charged for issuance of duplicate fee challan.


    Parents/Guardians defaulting on fees payment, run the risk of making their children wards liable to being struck off the school roll.

    Students whose fees remain payable for continuous 2 months are issued periodic reminders and ultimately the Final' reminder, thereafter the student's name will be struck off the school roll and a re-admission charge shall be charged.

    The school reserves the right to hold students’ progress reports, transcripts, examination entries, school leaving and other certificates if the dues have not been cleared.


    For returning including any fines must have been cleared students all previous dues here will be no concession or fees waiver for the period that a child may have stayed away from school, due to illness, social commitments, visit abroad or for any other reason.


    All parents and guardians responsible for guaranteeing payment of school dues will read and sign an undertaking for compliance with the school policies.

    The school reserves the right to revise and make alterations to its policies, rules and fees at any point in time WTHOUT prior notice.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Apart from academic activities, students are engrossed in unacademic activities as it develops the individuality of the students we have made special arrangement to net students in extracurricular activities, so that our students may prove their iron in sports as well as education.
    The school conducts weekly meetings in which children get an opportunity to display their talents. The activities include Qirat, Naat, speech, comic skits, Jokes, Fancy Dress show. Essay, story writing.
    There is an annual academic competition between the students The winners are awarded the shield of the year.
    Individual prizes are given to the best performers in various fields.
    Annual Prize Distribution ceremony is the most colourful event of the year which is held at the end of each academic session

  • Trips for Excussion

    Special arrangements have been made by our advisory council for Trips Tours expected in October/November one day excussion trip for (All Categories).

  • Oxford Dramatic Society

    To enhance student’s caliber in extra curriculum activities, students are to be engaged in stage play, Musical display, Tabloes, one man show and stage entertainment and violating the moral ethical decorum

  • Lectures Seminars & Workshops

    We intend to invite reknown scholars in the Country so that our students may learn from their experience cum practical exposure.

  • Our Methodology

    Our firm believe is that our educational programme sustains the development of fine young people. Capable of making their unique mark.

    Where ever they choose to locate themselves in this wonder world of ours, we are sure that you and your child will enjoy your experience at school.

    Our methodology is to make the learning process fun instead of tedious.

    Holistic education is our aim whilst our goal is to get our students in to the top bracket of academic achievers. We never lose sight of the real perspective that of shaping our students in to caring and responsible citizens.

    We believe that education is a preparation for life. We explore through which our children can develop their curiosity and confidence.

  • Frankness in academic atmosphere

    Knowledge cannot be imparted in a rigid, irrational and tensile atmosphere we work with a specific purpose. Due consideration in made for irrational a pleasant, cordial congenial and domesticated environment so that students may ensure knowledge for practical success. In doing so, we aim at preserving future of our nationals.

  • Separate Classes

    Being almost half of country population, female must be duly educated to build the National infrastructure on strong foundation so that it may pleasantly be transferred to the next generation through remarkable expectations. (For Female Students) OXFORD PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL gives specific preference to women education so that they may find their real identities for the new horizon of life. For this purpose separate classes are arranged for female students so that they may relaxing The Light.

  • Oxford Library

    To peruse reference books, additional study is directly needed for concrete conceptual clarity a library has been arranged so that students may consult books in a user’s friendly learning environment.

  • Computer Labs

    Considering the growing utilization of computer application in our social machinery, specially equipped computer lab has been arranged having latest computers.

  • Science Labs

    Well-equipped labs, comprising of apparatus pertaining to Physics / Chemistry / Biology have been set up for practical syllabus learning in the relevant subjects.

  • Disciplinary & General Rules

    Students must abide by the proctorial rules notified by the school from time to time. Breach of the following rules shall render them liable to disciplinary action such as fine, struck off from the school rolls, or expulsion from the school.

    1. Any student aggrieved by any happening in the school shall lodge a complaint with the principal and not with any outside authority unless the Principal permits him /her to do so.

    2. Students who wish to contact the principal must do so individually.

    3. Smoking in the school premiss is strictly prohibited, for eveybody.

    4. Every student of the school is required to be punctual in the class. Any student remaining absent from the classes without proper permission for a continuous period of 7 days, excluding holidays, shall automatically be struck of from the school rolls unless the cause of absence is explained to the entire satisfaction of the principal In that case the student may be re-admitted within 15 days after his name is dropped from the school rolls on payment of readmission fee and school dues.

    5. School authorities can revise the dues without any prior notice. This revision will be applicable to all students enrolled at that time or in future. No student is allowed to leave the classroom without any permission of his /her teacher or until the class is over.

    6. No student is allowed to leave the classroom without any permission without any permission of his/her teacher or until the class is over.

    7. Late-comers in the class-room may be marked absent.

    8. Any student misbehaving in the class-room/school shall at once be reported to the principal by the teacher. The principal will take strict action as he may deem proper. The teacher can recommend a penalty as well.

    9. Any Political or immoral activity is strictly prohibited in or around the school premises.

    10. Private telephone calls by students will not be entertained. However emergency message can be conveyed.

    11. Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform while attending school.

    12. School authorities reserve the right to revise any class schedule or to reorganize the leftover classes.

    13. The school will not be responsible for loss of any mail sent to student at the school address.

    14. Any false information on the application form may render the student liable to expulsion from the school.

    15. Any fee concession prize scholarship is only at the discretion of the school administration and can be withdrawn at any time.

    16. The school reserve the right to amend and introduce any rule as and when deemed appropriate.

    17. A fine at the rate of 10 rupees per day is charged if a student remains absent without an application for leave from the parents.

    18. The parents are required to apply for leave if it is inevitable.

    19. Students are expected to be punctual to attend the morning assembly.

    20. The parents and visitors are not allowed to go to the classes.

    21. All complaints should be made in writing to the principal

    22. The school does not hold any responsibility in case of any mishap outside the school premises or after the school hours.

    23. The principal's decision is final in all matters pertaining to the discipline of the school.

    24. Parents are not allowed to contact the teachers directly. They shall report to the school reception if they seek an interview with the teacher concerned.

    25. Untidy children are not allowed to attend the classes